Monday, April 21, 2008

A self experiment I feel will be worth while.

I never thought I would actually reach this state but YES I am currently fed up with Cable, in particular Time Warner. In an attempt to try and just "deal" with the current state of things I have done something I never though I would do. I have canceled all my premium cable subscriptions, even HBO and HDNet.

My reasons for being disgruntled are simple. For the nearly $300 dollars I have been paying per months there is simply not that much new stuff on. With my former package I was getting all channels and their HD offerings, except for Encore. We all know this past winter was very brutal so outdoor activities for me were kept to a minimum. Besides, the gym, work and going out that left a lot of time for me cooped up in my crib watching TV. Other than weekly shows like The Wire and Dexter I found I was watching a lot of nonsense. My basic gripe was that I am really interested in HD channels. But in order to get the HD tier package I had to subscribe to the premium channel packages as well. So instead of allowing me to have simple HBO east/west in HD I had to have 12 different HBOs as well. Same for SHOWTIME, TMC and CINEMAX. In the perfect scenario all I would have liked were HBO, SHOW, CINE, TMC, HDNet, HDNet Movies and MOJO - all in HD. You can keep all of the other version of HBO or Showtime because basically they show the same shit in a given month. I mean I already have a DVR box so if something is on when I am not up I can DVR it and watch it later on. But no, Time Warner doesn't allow this type of streamlined service. If you decide to "a la carte" those channels on top of the basic cable package the cost still adds up!

So as of right now I am a Basic subscriber until further notice. This still allows me to get IFC and AMC as well as get on Demand Movies and PPV, which suits me fine for now. Now that the weather is getting milder I will be enjoying more outdoor activities away from the one eyed monster! ;-)


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