Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A funny picture sparks a sad realization...

So I found this picture floating around the interwebs and I'll admit I did chuckle. And then I thought, "how pathetic." Not because of the guy, the girl or the photo in whole. But at the message it was saying.

Of course, there are examples of superficial people in all ages which comes from the fact that we still teach these attitudes to children. How far we have become, eh? I also understand that everyone is super-sensitive to and uber-aware of suggestive body language, inappropriate touching, sexual harassment and all of that. Don't get me wrong, unwanted advances and sexual harassment are not appropriate. But I think we have let these negative attitudes and super sensitivities affect us so drastically that we can no longer simply embrace a person in a friendly manner without causing insult or worse.

Take this insecure chap (at least in the present context) attempting to put his arm around a rather attractive colleague. An innocent gesture given the circumstance. Come on, people it's a group photo! It's such a shame a nice warm photograph of friends/students/colleagues had to turn into something else. Case in point, the original title of the photo as posted was...

"When a nerd holds a woman."

Shame, indeed. But then again, to reflect, contemplate, understand and laugh a little is healthy too. It reminds us that we shouldn't be taking ourselves so seriously in the first place. ;-)


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