Sunday, March 30, 2008

And I thought Wacky Pataki was a crazy fuck...

Is it me or do all Republicans seem as though they are a little off? By off I mean in the sense that your great grandfather in his late nineties during a holiday dinner, after seemingly napping peacefully, will open his eyes wides gazing at everyone in the room and ask, "who are all of you people and where is my horse!?"

True, I shouldn't pick on Pataki anymore since he is no longer governor of my home state and he never got caught cheating on his wife with a high priced call girl. But the memories of all the large number of students at college I came to know my first year not being able to attend their second year due to the vast increase in tuition set forth by Mr. Wacky are still stained rather darkly in my mind. As we all, things are very interesting in New York right now.

I read this article and I think everyone will get a kick out of it. It concerns everyone's favorite Republican candidate for President. Have fun!


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