Monday, August 20, 2007

To hell in a hand basket.

When I was a wee lad I never quite got what that phrase meant, for example the world is going to hell in a hand basket. To hell (I knew that was somewhere under ground) in a hand basket? Who the hell would want to go to hell let alone in a hand basket? I understood through movies that you usually climb a stairwell to heaven, which would probably take a while, but you always went down to hell in an elevator, really quick. So where does the hand basket come in? Ah, such whimsical thoughts I had when I was young.

I have some memories from that time burned on my mind. Like the time I heard my father yell, "go fuck yourself" to a passing motorist. Rather confused, when I got home I asked my mother, "Can you really fuck yourself?" Not surprisingly I don't remember much else from that day long ago. But one thing I did learn over the years is that if you are gonna go anywhere, it's better to get their through your own will than be delivered (which is prolly where the hand basket fit in).

I cannot help but feel that certain forces seem to be nudging us closer to the abyss. I'm not trying to get all metaphysical or spiritual here but seriously it makes me wonder sometimes. Perhaps, the reason I feel like this is that there are so many metaphors. Death, rape, hunger, global warming, extinctions come to mind immediately but the list would grow with some concentrated thought. Ah, but it's rather late for that sort of nonsense. The world is omnipotent to a degree. It was here before us and it will be here after we are long gone. What state it will be in remains your guess and mine. Hopefully, I will be alive to bounce a few grandchildren on a knee see humanity truly turn a corner and not go up in a mushroom cloud of smoke.

Hopefully, that corner won't bring us to West 140th Street, but bring us more closer to Sugar Hill if you catch my meaning! ;-)


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