Tuesday, August 07, 2007

That opinion came outta nowhere.

I thought I would quote a fellow blogger (and myself) regarding an interesting article offered by TEKWHORE. Follow the link to read the article, but my response follows below:

Well, to be honest I did read Hulk comic books but also grew up watching the series on TV starring Bill Bixby. Bill Bixby, imo, with his frail, skinny persona coupled with his believable nerd status as a doctor/research scientist made the perfect Bruce - ahem - David Banner.

Eric Bana in the hulk movie was a bit too buff as the scientist plus did not portray himself well as the intelligent scientist and more of your typical leading man. Perhaps this is part of what was wrong with the film. As an action film I thought it was cool. For something even remotely close to the dramatically-driven television series, it definitely fell short!

Now Edward Norton, even though he is kinda buff (definitely not a stick figure), definitely fits more of the physical archetype of the character of Bruce/David Banner. Plus, he is a way better actor than Eric Bana and a hell of a writer. So I will not necessarily write the movie off until I see more and eventually give it a go in a theatre.

Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman doesn’t scare me that much either because at least they have someone who is an accomplished dramatical actor and not just an action star hunk. He might very well put the right mix to the Ironman character. Remember when people found out initially that Jack Nicholson was going to play The Joker in the first Batman film? He turned out to be fantastic.

I’m keeping a positive outlook. Although, I cannot help but see all of these films based on comic book and cartoon characters of my youth and feel like they are exploiting a great era in the genre. I look at Saturday morning cartoons now and cannot even watch the stuff. Thank the lord for Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Fox, etc. for making intelligent cartoons for us old folk! LOL

Just my two cents worth.



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