Monday, August 06, 2007

Simple things are the best remedies for most ailments.

Today, I had a lot of running around to do in the morning so I figured instead of add chaos to confusion I settled on the fact I would lift in the afternoon. The plan was simple: get errands/appointments out of the way in the morning (especially a drive to Omaha which would eat up at lest 2 hours), lift, get some lunch and relax pool side - a productive yet relaxing day. I thought this was a killer scenario for a Monday.

But low and behold before I left the house I... barfed?

This was insanely weird because I assumed my belly was empty since the last time I ate was the day before around 5pm. True I had some wheat thins and tea, but generally I hate eating big late at night cause it either makes falling asleep tough OR I get the wickedest weird dreams. I did have a weird dream last night but I'll get into that on another post.

So why the semi-dry heevy-geevies??? I have no idea, really. But I know that rest and hydration was in order cause if I get the least bit dehydrated I am prone to the migraines - a serious mal a la tete and ultimately my ARSE.

So after a nap, I decided to listen to some soothing music in the tub AND chill out on the couch while watching some Bob Ross I have TiVO'd. His voice is so soothing and looking at the paintings he creates is very relaxing. It must have done the trick, cause I felt a lot better late in the afternoon. I even downed some egg whites a la Strong Island cause my normally constant hunger came back with a vengeance.

As I catch up with domestic duties, I found this to be quite a happy pick-me-up! If you haven't checked their show or stand-up on HBO, I highly recommend you check out Flight of the Concords. Weirdly funny shit, indeed!

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