Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Perhaps I'm getting crazy from all the heat?

This past week and weekend went by really fast which is a good thing. I am always craving change and the particular change I am looking for is in the season. I think I am done with Summer. But I'm not saying I'm ready for cold weather. My favorite season is just around the corner - Fall. Fall reminds me of New England, Norman Rockwell paintings and the days of my youth where the most mysterious thing ever was how days so long could become so short. The rustling of the leaves on sidewalks and green grasses. Sycamore trees shedding their bark and finely laid dew on everything reflecting the morning sun as I walked to school. Yes, these are the days I long for. But before the Fall we have a bit of a transitional period called Indian Summer.

Indian Summer is special, really, cause it absolutely has the best of everything for everyone. Those with warm weather affections love Indian Summer because the days can still be "hot" and sunny reminding them of the Summer which all but gone. But nights can get a bit chilly which is refreshing for those who love Fall nights where you can sit outside at night next to a low fire, blanket over your shoulders, nestled next to your loved one gazing at the sky, the fire and each other. That's my brand of paradise.

Strictly for the romantics out there, I have just this to say. There are no better months for romance than the Fall (Winter being a closer second). I mean after all, when do you think all those summer babies were conceived? ;-)


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