Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hurricane Season!

Yes, hurricane season is upon us. Of course, since I moved off of the Island of Strong this has not really been that much of an immediate concern since tornadoes are much more prevalent in my present neck of the woods. Nevertheless, I still watch my fair share of The Weather Channel so I still keep up with weather from back home. Following storms and weather trends on networks like TWC is much more entertaining than I remember when I was younger. Tracking a storm LIVE is like participating in a video game. When I was visiting Nebraska before I moved here I recall watching a grid on one of the major news networks which was tracking tornadoes. It was like I was watching a Tour De France or something. I think this is pretty cool and would attract a lot of children interested in meteorology.

That's not really the reason for this post. As I read my news this morning (doping scandals on the Tour, should Vick be hanged[?], Election 2008, etc.) I came across this little ditty about Six canned foods NOT TO TRY from the lovable folks at Mental Floss. Its amazing what companies are still willing to put in a can. This shit makes Spam look rather tame in comparison. One point I would like to counter is the article's treatment of Dandelion greens. Obviously, taking these greens and canning them would make them gross, much like canned spinach. But fresh or even blanched Dandelion greens are actually quite good!

Now time to wrap things up before I run errands...


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