Sunday, July 22, 2007

T'was the night before Wrigley and all through the crib...

...not a creature was stirring, except me!

Well, let me first say that our drive to Chi-Town was smooth and we made excellent time. Went to a neat little bar and grill which features burgers named after famous heavy metal bands. Went to The Blue Note which was a mixed bag. More to come regarding these experiences in a future post.

A few things I learned in my first take on Chi-Town and Logan Square:

1- South Chi-Town reminds me a lot of the Village - multi-cultural and full of buzz. Logan Square reminds me of Brooklyn with its many Brownstone-esque dwellings (we are staying in one)

2- Chi-Town has this weird thing with throwing diagonal roads which cut into normal intersections making turning around a little tricky. For example, three turns won't bring you back to the street you were originally on. You have to make four.

3- Way too many people smoke in this city, which still allows smoking in bars (but thankfully no for long). Smoking is SO fucking disgusting. I have definitely become accustomed to and appreciative for the no smoking laws of NY and Lincoln, NE.

That's all for now, wanna grab some breakfast and get ready to head to Wrigley!


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