Friday, July 20, 2007

Almost forgot!

I've meaning to get this done because it has been a few days since I said to myself to do it, damn it! lol

Anyone who loves fine wines and in particular loves getting great value out of their wine purchases, or if you just want to be able to know what a good wine for the buck is, please check out this guy's show!

Be sure to check out his site as you can find a ton of useful tools and apps for all you Myspacers and Facebook junkies!

Warning: Gary's show is high energy and really a pisser so please don't tune in if you are looking for some highbrow wine snob droning on and on attempting to paint a verbal portrait only a Jackson pollack could appreciate.

I think the dude is funny, has a great show format and knows his wines. He definitely takes the highbrow out of high living. You can find his show at his own website or you can subscribe to it via or Youtube.

And I would also suggest to FRIEND THIS GUY UP!!!!! ;-P


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