Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm in a New York state of mind!

*Click* on the picture to see a larger view of this panaramic of Manhattan Island.

I think I am becoming a little bit grumpy in my old age. The night before last I woke at about 12am very abruptly. Normally, I would have still been up reading or watching a DVD but I wanted rest up. I felt my sinuses start to act up and I didn't want to get full blown sick. What woke me was a car horn blaring REALLY loud. I popped uo and tried to see where (i.e. what car) it was coming from but I could not seem to pin point the blaring sound. It was just plain loud.

So, in an effort to be patient (honest), since I could not go immediately back to sleep, I decided to do some Sudoku puzzles (they usually get my eyes tired in a short time late at night). So I did like three puzzles in maybe half an hour - still the horn was blaring away. Realizing sleep would not come plus getting a bit pissed off in general, I resorted to something a mean old mizer would do. I called the cops, non-emergency dispatch to be exact. Shit.

Well, one good thing was that by 3:30am the car horn was disabled and I could get some sleep. However, once my eyes shut it seemed like mere seconds and it was 7:30am when they opened again. Another fine day ahead...


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