Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Holiday Grind

Ah another Christmas Season upon us and luckily I have been as busy as hell. I wish it was all positive stuff but for the most part everything is cool in my world. Here are some quick updates:

1. My truck was broken into and my stereo unit plus XM radio module was stolen. A real pain in the ass I know but at least that is what we have insurance for. And I am happy to say that everything will be paid for! Take that you scumbag jacker. In about a week I should be back together again.

2. I am writing my second workout program for a friend. I am happy with it since I decided to make it more media "heavy" with pictures and possibly a few mpeg videos. I'll see if I can post the final version.

3. I have become a master at recording DVDs. I add my own menus, titles, etc. The one thing I am trying to get better at is selecting chapter marks so that when you fast-forward through a DVD I recorded it will not stop at rendom spots but at the places I want it too. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

Next up will be trying to get the entire season of Dexter I have on my TiVO onto DVD so that friends who do not have Showtime are able to see that killer show, pardon the pun.


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