Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's been a long time since I left you...

...without some random shit to scratch your head to!

Well, the Christmas noose was beginning to tighten around here but now things have calmed down nicely and I have found myself with a bit of free time to blog. On a side note, I have finally (hopefully) kicked this bug in the ass proper! I am feeling quite myself and full of energy, part of me wanting to head back and get to the gym. But that will sort itself out.

I ran across this article that I think many will get a kick out of not just for the science aspect mind you. I mean it shouldn't take a scientist to figure out that a journey no matter how far is a lot easier when you've brought a fat sack o' scooby snacks.

Of course, this again raises questions/opinions/downright cursing of this country's policy on canibus and its place amongst the available narcotics. I for one think that canibus might not be the sort of "gateway drug" it was once believed, seeing what I've seen as an adolescent and adult. But I'm not sure that we as a people or culture are ready to have canibus legalized. Unlike other countries in the world, we seem to be driven to "consume."

It reminds me of an observation George Carlin made recently about the real face of America. The real face of America can be scary, pathetic and outright overwhelming. I for one am no slim chicken but I am FAr from a coach potato. But I continually see overweight parents, with even more obese children basically look as though they are on a twenty-four hour grazing. Kids wear backpacks keeping their hands free to continue to stuff shit into their mouths!

Now these children are gonna grow up (someday) into adults with basically the same behavior. It's no wonder why we have drug consumption mimic our food consumption and the tragedies that all come with it. If people aren't dropping dead from OD, they are getting behind the wheel of cars and killing not only themselves but others. I hate going on a rant here but I feel its important nonetheless with the Holiday upon us.

To all my friends and family I wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and above all a SAFE Holiday Season! I mean come on, I still want to see all of you next year. ;)


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