Monday, November 27, 2006

And Just Like That *SNAP* Fall is Gone...

Even though we have a healthy chunk of December that is considered Fall, I think we are pretty much done here in corn country. Day time temperatures still leave you guessing of course, but night time is getting consistantly chilly. This serves me fine, cause I like heading home at the end of the night and coming in from the cold into a toasty-warm crib. Toss on my fleece sweats, punch the old DVR to catch up on UFC, Boxing, Dexter and The Wire. All this and a bit of the early grey - a nice end to an evening in my book.

BTW, I ate way too much turkey on Thursday. WAY TOO MUCH. I had picked up from what the closest thing Lincoln has to a butcher a whole half of boneless smoked turkey. The thing weighed close to 12 lbs. I shit you not. So what do I do? I heat the whole thing, whip up a batch of pilaf, and eat every last piece of it over two DVDs. It was soooo good but I was out like a light by 4:30pm until Bauer called me around 8pm wondering where the hell I was. (On the couch, feeling like a stuffed turkey myself felt very good. Sated. Although, I was glad to get up again and moving. LOL)

A real treat for all the locals (well, I guess this includes me, but I still like to consider myself the quintessential NYer in the midwest) who didn't travel back home for Thanksgiving happened down at the Chatterbox under the bridge in the old Hay Market. I like chillin' out at the Hay Market because I think all the brick buildings are cool. It reminds me what a city like Newark could look like if it wasn't such a shithole. Newark is the "brick city" but many of the bricks that were placed with care and honor years ago have fallen to the ground, crumbled or have been covered by graffiti. Not works of art, mind you, but shitty tagging. No, there is no place quite like the old Hay Market. So every now and again I like going to the "C-box" even though as a venue the place leaves much to be desired. What a better way to spend an evening to unwind from all the formal family stuff by hearing some of the best drum and bass the midwest has to offer. Oi, yes!

So Owen, Bauer and I head on down to throw back a few pints of Guinness and enjoy the ambience of the C-box. Not that it has all that much but it was cool to see familiar faces, give pounds, and have Charlie serve up the cheer. Its good to know people, I agree. LOL And times like these make me both happy and sad in a way. Happy in a way knowing that where ever I may be I will always be around sincere people who like to call me their friend. I like calling them my friend as well. Sad because many friends are back home. I know they are doing well and enjoying their families and this sets my spirit at ease.

Pretty soon, hopefully by this spring, I will be visited by my dearest friend. And together, through thoughtful planning and execution, we will make a bit of local history and set our mark upon this little-big city. Ah, yes.


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