Thursday, November 16, 2006

Can you Digg it?

Lot's of people I talk to have a problem with Digg. Many claim some of the articles or other "news" bites are real silly. I often remind them that Digg, like any other user-driven news forum, is bound to be silly from time to time. After all, we have very silly people out in the world wondering around as they please with not so much as a check-in. Hell, when I was like 9, 10, 11 yrs old I had a check-in; an arbitrary time during the summer day when I HAD to come home and let me folks know that I wasn't road kill on some road or bleeding to death. Sure it was a pain in the ass at the time, but it did prevent me from being too silly for my own good!

Obviously, not everyone out and about in the world grew up with having to check-in. At least a group of University of Central Los Angeles police officers are prime examples. Check this shit out:

UCLA Police Taser Student in Powell

[BREAKING NEWS]: Student shot with Taser by UCPD officers

Are we taking the Patriot Act a little too literally, folks???


P.S. I knew that you could!

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