Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nothing in Life is Easy.

Or so I am reminded everytime I try to tackle a new widget, bell or whistle for my websites. So I decided to sans the static display or the other blogs or sites I visit en lieu of installing a Blogroll. A blog roll is simply a dynamic list of your favorite sites, blogs or whatever that you can program to be organize, update/notify and display said list. For instance you can program your blog roll to show recently updated blogs at the top of the blog roll as well as set how many or displayed at one time (handy if your link list is HUGE). Well, I was able to set up my Blogroll, update the urls and targets and installed the code necessary to have the 'roll function. Not much has happened.

So far I have reloaded this site a few times and the set number of blogs being displayed have remained at 5 (good) but it has been the same five (which may or may not be good). I'm still uncertain whether the Blogroll is simply counting all new links in the roll as having been recently updated or if it simply is not functioning as a "rolling" list of my favorite blogs. Oh well, I should take a break. Having taken a nap after dinner I have a ton of idle energy and now its like 3am. Perhaps I should make myself some warm tea and relax.

On a side note: Showtime's new series Dexter is fucking GOOD! Just got done watching the first episode that I TiVO'd and I cannot wait till next Sunday's episode.

Good night.


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cricket said...

hey there...nifty new digs... :)