Friday, October 06, 2006

Time is a mud slide with either more or less mud...

"...when the hell did it get so hot?"

This is the question I asked myself as I was continuing my official Fall Clean-up at my crib. I remember my Mother lord rest her soul used to love Fall and Spring clean-ups much to my detriment. Kids hate having to clean anything and I was no exception. But I can now see why this is an enjoyable, albeit exhausting at times, endeavor.

It's truly amazing the shit you accumulate over a year's time! Last spring I didn't really do a big clean-up so this fall represents a year I have been in my apartment and I have definitely collected some shit. Good stuff abounds too, don't get me wrong but I definitely feel the need to wheat-n-chaff. So I've been collecting clothes that I will be donating as well as throwing out old papers, magazines that are no longer useful to myself and are in no condition for the library. Funny thing is after organizing so much shit it tends to look like you really didn't have that much to begin with. My left brain always reminds me of the truth of the matter!

So The Yankees and Tigers are tied 1-1 in their ALDS and the Mets lead the Dodgers 1-0 in their NLDS. I still catch the faintest smell of a subway series which excites me. It also has me missing home. And wondering how some peops are doing whom I haven't had steady contact with in quite a while. If they are anything like how I remember them then they are prolly as busy as I am. But they feel it differently since things back East are so hectic by nature. So as we start to turn into Fall and, indeed start that ever steepening slide towards the Holiday season (shudder) I find myself thinking of them. I have an extra big Christmas card list this year as well so I think I will be starting it before Novemeber 1st.

Talk about a random spume of thoughts, eh? ;)


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