Monday, October 02, 2006

Set it Off!!!

"Tenth round and still catchin' mad beat downs
so I retreat back to my old stompin' ground
regrouped and lounged, put on a couple of pounds
and made plans to create the raw homegrown sound." -JB's.

Okay, I'm a bit delirious with the heat I guess. And BTW, who the fuck brought Hades back to Lincoln, NE. The last two weeks were the quintessential Indian Summer days I have grown to love over the years. But now the temperature is 90 degrees and I can feel the moisture on the back of my knees! Somebody give the thermostat a rest, please.

Back on task. This is the official kick-off of my new blog entitles The Mended Meanderer. I felt the need to end Walking Wounded due to the fact that during WW's two-year run I have mended my spirit and become centered. No longer am I walking with an emotional limp through life but I am sporting a swagger, bright eyes and keen focus on the things that make me happy and grab me as an intellectual. As was the case before, I will continue to share my life (the whimsical and the not-so) as well as discuss any and ALL subjects that interest me. Or perhaps I need some serious enlightenment on. So stop on by from time to time as you will sure find something provocative here.

On a side note, there are somethings which I have been waiting all year long for that I think are truly the dogs bullocks. If you catch these themes from time to time over the next month or so, don't be mad. I just have lusts in life other than the female body!

Top reasons why October is a great Month:

  • MLB Play-Offs! I love baseball. PERIOD. Baseball in October is hella-good. And this year is special because my two favorite teams are in the post-season - the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. Can you smell a subway series? I know I can!

  • Fall Cable Series! Over the years as cable TV stations have evolved, I have found that the quality and variety of cable serials to rival that of major network stations. Plus, God bless the TiVO! I don't really sit in front of the TV all day long or for hours at a time because I am usually out and about. So being able to record and watch shows on Sundays and at odd times is such a luxury and time saver. I pretty much love all the offerings from HBO and Showtime. But I have my real favorites as you will ultimately find out.

  • Indian Summer! Well, until this week that is. All I can say is bring us back to just two weeks ago when the daily high was 65 and the nighly was 45. With my windows all open I must have sounded like a Yamaha outboard but I slept like a baby.

  • New Technology/Product Releases abound! As a certified tech-junkie, I am constantly burying my nose in many of the most popular trade sources (paper and electronic) geting the 411 on the latest tech trends and product offerings. Gearing up for the Holiday season, October is usually the start of the onslaught of products from companies looking to make a serious revenue claim for the last quarter. Which means plenty of reading for the throne!


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