Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weird cravings. Grounded Thoughts.

The weather has gotten colder and the days have gotten shorter and at just the right time I have started to crave all things Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pies, candied yams, stuffing and not to mention delicious turkey. Yes, Thanksgiving is a sweet time of year. Many people get stressed over the Holidays, perhaps because of the hustle and bustle to tie loose ends, arrange travel, etc. I never get depressed over things like these, but realize that it can be overwhelming for some. Still, the endurance necessary for the experience is so well worth it.

So as the big day draws nearer and time runs thin remember to take the briefest of moments, taking a deep breath, to remind yourself of what Thanksgiving really means. Not just a hot kitchen, not just a long drive, not merely a disagreement waiting to happen. Forget all that stuff. Thanksgiving is togetherness! ;-)


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