Sunday, July 20, 2008

You know its hot...

...when the clocks strikes 10pm and the thermometer reads 90 degrees F! Yes, it is Summertime and, yes, it is HOT. Nothing like a hot time in the 'burbs. If it were not for my AC working well, I would be really uncomfortable. I love the parts of Summer (beginning and end, mostly) where it gets really hot during the day but at night with the sun down it gets just cool enough to run and play or just sit out and enjoy a cold beer without sweating more than the glass bottle. This night is not one of those nights, so I'm staying inside.

What really sucks is that I woke up to a migraine this morning and spent most of the day napping trying to let the intense pounding pass. The pounding eventually passed and now I have an itch to do something, anything but it is so uncomfortable outside. So I find myself doing something I never really do too much during the warmer months, staying at home and watching IFC. The Pope Of Greenwich Village was excellent. Suicide Kings will be great. Now, I'm all nostalgic over films and Summer times past too. Like music, great films take me back to when I saw them and what life was like for me at that time.

I remember when I first saw the movie My Bloody Valentine. It must have been close to 1983 or so and it was the Summer time. Back then I could play outside until it was dark. My Mother was strict about the rule but my father would be much more relaxed about the rule. For instance, with my Mother as soon as it was dark and the street lights came on that meant it was time to come in. But my father would still allow me to be outside as long as he still could hear the sound of children playing in the front yards. So we'd play hide and go seek as the fireflies lit up the yards and driveways. That was so cool. On one particular night, my Mother called me in and said a scary movie was on. Those were my favorites so I rushed right in without the usual begging and pleading to stay outside. The movie was My Bloody Valentine, and what a classic it was, although I would not know it that night. The only thing I would know that night was a "real" heart in a heart shaped box. Boy, they never made better slasher flicks than they did in the eighties!

So tonight we have a double-feature of modern day film noir dark comedies centered around organized crime. For a movie lover this is a real treat. I'm certainly enjoying this so far comfy and cozy on the couch with the AC. But a little something inside wishes I was still outside with the fireflies being called inside by my Mother informing me that some gangster movies are on. My childhood sure was a trip!


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