Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blood Sausage with Human Blood!?!

No, folks I only wish I could have made this shit up! lol Where's Stephen King, he'll get a kick out of this for sure. ;-)

Apparently, some lovely, spirited chaps decided there's no better way to pay respect to fallen airmen comrades than to consume some good 'ol Blood Sausage (known as Blotwurst in Germany) made from, you guessed it, the fallen comrades own real blood! Now for us who have grown to love Blood Sausage, I being partial to Irish Blood Sausage myself, it is nothing more than sausage that is dipped in beef blood to add flavor and give the sausage a distinctly dark color. Some better Irish Blood Sausages are almost completely black when cooked and so effing delicious. But human blood is probably a bit more than kicking it up a notch! They should have consulted with Emeril Lagasse, damn crazy krouts!

According to the article (and this part I find absolutely amazing), a German Airman Soldier actually appeared on a website depicting him siphoning off the blood to add to the recipe. But that didn't call attention to the shenanigans. It took a complaint to senior officers after from an airman who was approached to "donate" some of his blood to the scheme. Could they not keep up with the demand for the commemorative sausage or did they just wanna turn a fast profit by selling commemorative sausage of soldiers not exactly dead yet???

Yep, you can't make this shit up folks! Thanks to the Dethroner for bringing this to my attention.


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