Monday, March 03, 2008

An American Soldier and A Surrogate Pooch

Side Note: It is perhaps because of these types of dualities that I continue to have a love/hate relationship with the people in this world in light of the fact that you can rarely find more compassionate and overall model behavior in people as opposed to the animals we have so-called dominion over!

First, a person who I would personally love to tar and feather.

U.S. Marine David Mortari kills an innocent puppy.

Seriously, dude. I know there are fellow alpha males out there that are saying to themselves, "so what?" but all I have to say is that I am glad I do not know you! Anyone who thinks this kind of disgusting behavior is something that someone would look forward to watching in a video is a piece of SHIT. I understand this David douche bag is serving our country but I am just a little bit concerned that psychiatric screening is not used anymore in the armed forces recruiting system. I'm also concerned about the family members and friends of this asshole who would get a kick out of this in the first place. Normally you create a video because, I don't know, maybe they care that you are alright over there and not in a fucking body bag. Am I reaching here?

Do a Google search on this guy's name and you'll see his popularity is far from skyrocketing so at least he is getting SOME of his just desserts. If it were up to me loosing a bar or two would only serve to set an example for other dummies who think serving your country might include throwing puppies or tying two cats up at the tail.

This video is just one more reason why other countries generalize about the U.S. and hate us....and one more reason why half the U.S. population has lost all faith and respect for the people who represent us overseas.

Not all soldiers are this fucked up. I know serveral people who have served our country and I am glad to call them friends! We are obligated to let the ones who are worthy of our admiration know that we care and respect them. On the other hand, I am a proponent of calling a spade a spade so to speak!

So here is some information on the bastard in this video. I hope all those who read this use it wisely. Perhaps call your city's news channels or perhaps this guys JAG office. Does this moron not realize that we live in the information age? Here's to you David Mortari, you're number one (my middle finger being clearly extended).

David Mortari
24419 Florence Acres Rd
Monroe, WA 98272-9662
Phone: (360) 794-7191
(714) 330-0418


A now for something that will give us all some warm fuzzies! (I know I could use some.)

A Dachshund bitch helps rear a baby piggy.

If only the nurturing instincts were always so strong in humans. Turns out this pooch took in a premature piglet after the little guy had a hard time nursing with his own mother. In his premature state, little "Pink" didn't have a suckling reflex common in new born piglets besides the fact he was very weak and his eyes were still sealed shut.

Turns out "Tink" the mother Dachshund had delivered a litter of two but one of them was still born. The idea crossed the mind of the owner (of both the piggies and the Dachshund) whether or not the Tink would allow Pink to nurse. From the looks of the photos it looks like Pink at two and half weeks old is doing well.

You can read more about this story as well as catch some updates here and here. It is nice to read news that doesn't involve politics, economics or homicidal antics!


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La Nuit Étoilée said...

Ahhh. So this... is your blog. :)

Nothing wrong with a bit o' psychological screening! If you have to surrender your driving record and fingerprints to take the Bar exam (besides forking over $600-some dollars in cash or cashiers check, no plastic or money orders accepted) then why the hell can't a soldier take a nutjob filter test? :)