Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Something to Think About I'm Sure.

I originally posed this question over at Yelp Talk where I try to write most of my reviews of restaurants, bars and other businesses. (I try to keep all my movie reviews here.) The following is the meat of the question.

One of the things that has passed through my cluttered mind lately, partially due to the recent news that absinthe (or how ever you care to spell it), not to be confused with the imitation product
Absente as well as all new imports must be very low in thujone, has now been cleared by the U.S. for importation and sale. Now many have heard of "the green fairy" having hallucinogenic properties and what not resulting in its initial banning in this country as well as others, but in light of what we know about alcohol consumption and the tendencies of people who indulge (perhaps over-indulge) in it, does this really seem like a radical step? I mean, sure consuming something with hallucinogenic effects raises some concerns, but when you look at it all alcoholic beverages can lead to a similar affect on the person who drinks too much. The physical affects or alcohol (ethanol) on the system are widely noted. But alcohol also has mood altering and behavioral affects that anyone who has attended "a kegger" can attest. While we cannot say that alcohol affects everyone's behavior the same, we can safely say that if you mix alcohol and groups of people you are bound to witness something happen.

So this leaves me with the following question: Do you think that our Government's policies governing consumable products, more precisely the substances they contain, are accurate? Or perhaps should this recently lifted ban on absinthe spark more focus on renewing our views on other consumable products and substances in a similar vein as liquors, liqueurs, and other spirits?

I thought this was noteworthy to include here in light of the previous Super Bowl weekend and the fact that the opinions would comprise a larger relative group. Feel free to let me know what you think! ;-)


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