Monday, February 04, 2008


Holy flipping shit balls the New York Giants, the road warriors as I have come to call them (and rightfully so) did what I thought would be an impossible task. The weakest seed to reach the Super Bowl upset the heavily favored (practically from week one) New England Patriots. Honestly, I thought the Giants were gonna give it their all but that it would not stand up to the Patriots might.

But then I was reminded of the last meeting between the Giants and Patriots at New York. That game was a very close game and one that was very interesting to watch for both fans. The Super Bowl game proved no exception as it was an odd, low scoring game and perhaps odder still because the Giants defense was doing something I thought they would never be able to do as a team - pressure Brady! Plus, Eli had some great support from his offensive line and made some great throws. Of course, we are going to see what I am calling "the no-look helmet catch" for quite some time on ESPN. Yes, It is great to be a New York fan. Although, the Giants technically still play their home games in New Jersey. Shit. ;-)


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