Sunday, January 06, 2008

This will NOT surprise anyone, really!

Still, I cannot (but I can) believe that this and this, along with the fourth reich, are the most hotly debated items on candidates' agendas. Or at least a number of them seem to be projecting that they all are major issues that need to be driven down the throats of voters. I ask this, however. Have you taken a good look at the voters lately?

For this question, I am excluding all RICH voters. It is not a stretch to realize that they are living a different version of life than your average Johnny and Jane Q. Doe are living. If I were a member of the rich I would feel the exact same way. This is why I have believed for years that those of privilege do know where they live and afford themselves the creation of their own sheltered reality.

Personally, I think that there are other issues at hand that are much more important to my fellow voters and I. Most of us are no strangers to the fact that what is most pressing to the populous is often presented as a view askew. If it's blurry or confusing in anyway our eyes instantly focus on what is more clearly and vividly presented. This is why all mass media is censored. Don't believe me? Remember what you mom used to say about lying? Maybe it sounded something like this: "Not telling the truth is the same as making up the truth." I think lawyers would say something profound like, "omission of the truth is the same as presenting a false truth." Politicians hook up mainstream media to the marionette and present us with a show!

To be honest with you, I'm almost feeling the same way about the environment - as a tool used by politicians, mind you. As a former student of biology I still have the same strong grasp of the fragility of our environment as I did when I was in school. It just seems to me that for candidates that do not appeal to the fourth reich, environment becomes their safety net. Because regardless of whether you pray at night or not or to whom, we all want to survive on this planet, right? Although, sometimes religious fanatics have me wondering whether or not they have "thrown in the towel" on this environment concentrating solely on the afterlife.

Excuse, me. Fanatic! If you're so convinced the afterlife is so great, then what are you waiting for? Go on already. Take that leap, fall, plunge, toaster in the bathtub, what have you and leave us more concerned humans alone so we can figure out how to save our asses on Earth. Cause at the end of the day, folks, that is all we're doing. Earth will be fine without us, perhaps, so will the rest of all living things. I know it's a morbid thought, but think about it.

Well, to lighten things up a bit while I was researching/strengthening some of my thoughts before pecking away, I found some cool stuff:

H.L Mencken on how we should respond to Creationism:

"This actual conflict is joined, and it is the height of absurdity for the...compromisers to seek to evade it with soft words. That conflict was not begun by science. It did not start with an invasion of the proper field of theological speculation by scientific raiders. It started with an invasion of the field of science by theological raiders. Now that it is on, it must be pressed vigorously from the scientific side, and without any flabby tenderness for theological susceptibilities. A defensive war is not enough; there must be a forthright onslaught upon the theological citadel, and every effort must be made to knock it down. For so long as it remains a stronghold, there will be no security for sound sense among us, and little for common decency. So long as it may be used as a recruiting-station and rallying-point for the rabble, science will have to submit to incessant forays, and the same forays will be directed against every sort of rational religion. The latter danger is not unobserved by the more enlightened theologians. They are well aware that, facing the Fundamentalists, they must either destroy or be destroyed. It is to be hoped that men of science will perceive the same plain fact, and so give over their vain effort to stay the enemy with weasel words."

That's some fat to chew. Ain't it? ;-)


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