Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh just shut the hell up already!

Well I thought I had something pressing to talk about but it went right out of my head, man! Instead here's crazy, cool and truly ridiculous stuff I found in the interwebs today. (The first one is the one that pisses me off the most! Jenna, Tito, just be quiet, please?)

Wanna score six free bottles of wine for free? Heaven knows celebs can drive anyone to drink.

So if you love the show Iron Chef and custom designed kicks as much as I do, then you need to check out this very special Mongolian shoe BBQ. YUM! (Warning: Avoid the shitty waffle with any shoe!)

And just when you thought Asians were kooky, crazy and downright funky already, might I remind you of the film "Enter The Dragon" or cinema more contemporary like "Jarhead." Don't get the connection? Well sit back and let the chitin fly with JAPANESE BUG FIGHTS. No shit.

But to be honest most of the insects are not true bugs to begin with (because most - not all - true bugs, Order Hemiptera are vegetarian and have sucking mouth parts to feed on plant juices) since they would not make for a good fight anyway. But some of the match-ups are quite zany. My personal favorite is the tarantula vs. spider scorpion. Reminded me of when Mike Tyson fought Michael Spinks! ;-)

So what do y'all think?


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