Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wrap Your Junk, Before You... FUNK-dat!!!

Yes, it's true that sexual education in schools and other educational institutions has made improvements leaps and bounds since the days of the Coney Island White Fish. (If any of you do not know what Coney Island White Fish is, I'll be glad to explain it to you in a separate correspondence - feel free to email me: davidrmarlborough [at] gmail [dot] com.) You can even step back further to the days where we were watching Leave It To Beaver and ol' Ike was entertaining us in the White House and see clearly that America was on the verge of a true sexual awakening. I mean don't get me wrong sex as we know it today was going on back then it was just considered taboo to talk about or even suggest anything on the spicier side.

I hope that in today's (and tomorrow's) society we will realize instead of placing all the pressure on institutions to teach our youth about the birds and the bees that we as parents will step up to the plate and talk to our children about it. Obviously, not all parents are as progress as others but I think it's high time to shed the stigma of "oh I'm not comfortable talking about that" or "that's the school's job" referring to talking to children about sex. Would you rather they learn about sex (and it's impact in the world) at home or from the writing on the wall?

I vote for at home. Obviously, health classes in schools will not go away anytime soon. Just because two people figured out how to bump uglies doesn't mean they are capable of passing on something profound to their children about the whole process. right? Dreadful as that last notion is, I think we are heading in the right direction. The world is getting smaller to each new generation and they are more aware of the world at a younger age which is undoubtedly a positive. Awareness is a first step towards relevance and understanding.

So parents please let your kids know that bumping uglies is not ugly BUT is something that requires much responsibility. When something is forbidden and taboo all the more curious we as humans become. If we start engaging in something we don't fully understand then it can become dangerous. Ignorance is not bliss! ;-)


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