Monday, November 05, 2007

Write To My Blog - Beta

This post was created using a free web utility called Write To My Blog - beta at It is an online word processing tool that allows you to create blog posts to a single blog or multiple blogs directly from the site. No membership is required (no need to create an account) and the service is totally FREE. WTMB boasts complete compatibility with all major blog programs providing a convenient way to post blog entries that is easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

WTMB features standard and advanced word processing tools as well as an HTML editing tool that seems full-featured.  Also, part of the sight is the ability to include photos from your Flickr account and favorite videos from YouTube.  As for as online word processors go, WTMB is pretty straight forward and resembles the toolbars found in both MS Word and OpenOffice.  The greatest functionality I can see here is the ability to post to multiple blogs as most of us maintain more than one, thus saving most of us time!

Hopefully with more time for experimentation I will be able to post about some more robust features.  Presently, though, I do recommend it to my readers.


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