Monday, November 26, 2007

Two blogs everyone should check out at least once a week.

Not often do I actually take the time to discuss why I like certain bloggers and their blogs. More often I simply link 'em to mine and be done. But two have sparked my interest because they are unique and highly entertaining. Its funny how two different individuals can take two different approaches in self expression but BOTH have such strong impact.

Anyone, who would like to actually be moved whether by nostalgia or humor should check out these blogs:

5 Things


(Note: I've still linked these in my people blog roll because that's how I roll - and you know this, man!!!)

While one is definitely more verbose than the other I love the way one makes me think and the other totally tickles my ribs. Kudos to great blogging. Now go now and bookmark/link-up these guys cause they are great fun!


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