Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's as if you need a holiday after a holiday.

In true holiday fashion, the big feasting day was spent grazing on delicious food, imbibing perfection one bottle at a time and letting loose a bit. I have one thing to say that Rock Band is a total blast! There's nothing quite like getting a bunch of friends together high on wine and turkey and rocking out all on the same game. I played three songs on the drums and its not only fun but a total workout! Way more difficult than it seems. No matter what the reason for the celebration, make sure you have Rock Band at your next party. i've got my spine, i've got my Orange Crush...

The second part of any good Thanksgiving weekend - football!!! Lot's of crazy games for both NFL and college. I've been into college more this fall cause of all the drama surrounding the Cornhuskers. Of course, the masses here in Nebraska are heralding the firing of Callahan. Not sure who is within the cross hairs for the job because I have not heard any buzz either way. Although, I did hear that at the end of this season there will be like 20 different coaching positions open either due to contracts ending or firings. So there could be a lot of interesting moves made in the off-season. My point of view: Nebraska should hire a defensive coach.

In case this sounds like I'm rambling, rest easy cause I am rambling! I had a couple things I've wanted to talk about but some slipped my mind as I am still getting over the latest episode of Dexter.


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