Friday, November 09, 2007

I think I've been hexed or something...

Tonight, I was all ready for a night of cameras, lights, FASHION as I was invited to a fashion show in Omaha at the Nomad Lounge. I was psyched because I had friends involved in the show, plus there was supposed to be a cool after hours party. After hours parties in Lincoln have been a hit or miss endeavor as of late. Obviously, this would be a good time.

Unfortunately, I didn't expect my body to drop a bomb on me. I started a new diet this week to try and curtail the usual Winter weight gain I experience since I do not ride during the Winter. I still lift cause its indoors but no riding since the cold makes it harder on my knee and ankle joints. Plus, the fact that it is damn cold also hinders the fun. So I was happy to learn of a diet some other riders use for the Winter months. But let's just say, my body (read bowels) has a bit of catching up to do. I barely had time to get laundry folded without running to the bathroom. This will pass as this diet is very balanced and is made for cutting weight (something I haven't done in a long time). Plus, I have a cheat day for the diet this Sunday so I'm looking forward to that! ;-)


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