Monday, July 09, 2007

They say a picture contains a thousand words.

But so do faces...

Now that the holiday celebrating and EATING is over with (sad, really) it is back to business as usual. And that business is called dieting. I actually don't really have many peeves with myself because before "BBQ week" took effect I was following a very sensible diet with minimal cravings occurring. If memory serves I think one night I watched some MMA and downed a bag of those X-13d Doritos over the course of three hours but these things happen. It's not like I was doing this every other day. Plus the amount of miles I was putting on my bike per week were helping to keep things in check. I decided to also turn down the intensity of my workouts to incorporate volume training. More reps, less weight and plenty of cardio and active rest.

I stand in front of the mirror and see strange things. Before the holiday I could see my abdominal region begin to sag down a bit. Imagine a deflated air bag after deployment, at least this was what I was visualizing. I could actually see my shape underneath seeming start to slowly emerge. This is in part to the strength of my core in general. Every now and then buddies want to try and punch my gut but they are amazed when they almost roll their wrists because they hit "the wall." However, after a week of eating rather indiscriminately I can actually see some stuffin' put back onto my egg McMuffin'! We cannot be having any of this...

So now it's back to the diet, back to the gym and bike. One of the things that makes it easy to get riding time in is that I love riding my bikes. I really feel like a kid again. Now if I could only start making progress on my chin region I would be set. As soon as I lose that bulldog look I will be happier - and so will my tailor!


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