Saturday, July 14, 2007

So last night...

I developed a mind bender of a migraine. I took dope (read: headache medicine) and napped twice and still no relief. So I decided to sit under the shower for a spell or at least until the water got too cool for my taste. There is something relaxing and relieving about water beading on your head. For one, the sound of the water is loud enough to drown out other noises but not that loud to be uncomfortable. Plus sitting Indian style with the water rushing over you is a great setting to meditate. Although, I enjoy meditating in the sheer quiet or with soft ambient music in the background. After all, this way when I am finished I don't have to worry about drying off and putting clothes all over again.

back to last night, the shower was indeed the missing ingredient. After I got out I could feel the migraine subside just a bit. But when I headed for the couch and gazed at the TV my head started to pulse so I knew I wasn't out of the woods yet. Laying down in bed I tossed and turned a bit until finally knodding out. By the time I awoke it was 7:30am and my head was good as new!

The pulsing when I looked at the TV inspired me to make this little stop action animation movie:


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hope you feal better buddy