Friday, July 13, 2007

It's all part of life's experience!

I slept a remarkably short time for being up as late as I was. I went to bed at like 3:30-4am, mind you this was after knodding off in my commander's chair watch some MMA with buddies. I thought I was tired but when they decided to bounce I got a second wind. But the wind would not last so bed it was.

However, I woke up early today hungry as hell and simply not motivated to do much. I did have a topic I wanted to talk about that had been rolling around the melon but I don't think I have quit finished collecting my thought yet. So I'll hold off a bit.

I'll just consider this post a "collection of oddities" from throughout the past week.

It's amazing the founder of this business thought a venture such as this would take off in Puerto Rico of all places. Next time try Compton or Watts. To no surprised as of 1-07-2007 the domain for the business has expired.

On a more substantial note: NO this is not a doctored photo of a Whippet crossed with the lovable Lou Ferigno. This is caused by a rare genetic mutation, check out the article here as it is an interesting read.

I would definitely feel both odd and unforgiving of myself for missing a view like this one. Hmm, too bad Wimbledon is over, she's amzing to watch play!


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