Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summertime fun!

So last night I went skinny dippy in my apartments pool. Of course when we decided to skinny dip it was way past closing time but I know how to sneak in. Now that the summer nights are getting hot and humid around here it was so awesome to swim. The water was cold at very first but was very refreshing. Bonus: I didn't get caught again. Yes!

Afterwards we went to Highway Diner to grab some eats because after swimming in the pool for like 45 minutes I was damn hungry. When I used to go to the beach back home I would always be starving after swimming in the ocean. I had forgotten about this effect water has on me.

So when i finally got back to my apartment it was near 4:30am. And guess what? I was WIDE AWAKE. So I decided to do some busy work since nothing was on TV and I really didn't feel like zoning out in front of the computer. I decided to tidy up my whip a bit. So I go into the passenger side to see what little tidbits of junk had collected around the floor between the seat and the door as well as underneath the seat. I find all sorts of shit from coins, paper money, cell phones, even women's cosmetics. BUT I was not prepared to find a wad of chewed bubble gum stuck on the side of the passenger seat. I mean WTF?!?!? I have cloth upholstery for crying out loud!!!

Needless to say, this was a major buzz kill for an otherwise great night of after hours fun! Damn it, I said it anyway but fuck it I'M PISSED!!!

Now for a much needed distraction from my angry thoughts. You thought your parents made weird sounds in the bedroom, well get a load of this:


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