Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm glad the rain has stayed away because it has been fun getting in riding time everyday. I have been doing less heavy lifting at the gym and favoring getting out and burning some calories. Instead of bulk up a bit like I did this spring I want to try to cut a bit. Although, I will still be going to the gym 3x a week I will not be doing a split for the next 8 weeks.

I am finding that my habits while indoors are really weird lately. A few pieces of tech have been allowing me not be a slave to the TV for years now. But with TiVO it's a whole new ball game. I rarely watch a show when it comes on cause I am always doing something else. On weekend nights, like Sunday nights, I used to plan my whole day around TV.

Years back I would have certain TV "traditions" with my family and they spilled over when I moved out. For example, I would love when 8pm rolled around Sunday night because that meant HBO series were on. I'd catch OZ, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex in the City, etc. all in a row and basically have my Sunday night in a nutshell. Although I would tune into SHOWTIME West to catch Queer as Folk. I'm not a single network loyalist after all. So if I missed an episode due to some unforeseen event I was really miffed. I was never a fan of programming a VCR so I would always have to wait till mid-week to catch a repeat.

This has all changed of course. I run my TiVO everyday and I never watch shows when they are originally broadcast. I find this to be good because it makes me set times for watching TV at shorter intervals which I can spread out during the week. But I have found that on raining days when I have nothing to do (no domestic duties or errands to run) I can get sucked in to channel surfing in a major way!

The more I surf channels and comb through the TV Guide menu I find that with all of these channels less and less is really on. Plus, now that I have owned an HDTV, I find myself looking at only the High-Def versions of channels. In my opinion there are not enough High-Def channels offered by cable TV. I mean 5 gazillion channels is great and all but I would take 2-99 with a single HDTV version of HBO, SHOW, CINE, TMC, STARZ, DISC, ESPN, MOJO, ABC, NBC, WB, CBS, FOX, FSW and the rest of the HDnet channels if all 2 through 99 were in High-Def. I mean as it stands now I have 5 or six versions of all the cable channels like HBO and SHOW and I rarely watch any of them. Every now and then I get curious about new channel offerings like that channel (forget its name) that shows nothing but horror and sci-fi flicks 24/7. I mean that is my kind of channel, but I don't need all the rest of the garbage. Or should I say, the rest of the channels might be someone else's cup of tea just not mine. Yeah, that's better.

Alas, I wonder sometimes if cable companies will get smart and realize that more is not necessarily MORE if you dump a bunch of broadcasting that a person really doesn't use or have the time to take advantage of. However, when I do spend my time in front of a TV I like it to be High-Def!

Here's a comic I made today resting after a ride because nothing was on TV. ;-)


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