Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Time flies like an arrow...

...and fruit flies like a banana!

Or so it seems as one stays busy. ;-) The holiday flew by and I found that the moments of free time I have had in the past week or so have been used for vegging out. I have also been doing some deep thinking about business strategies and goals related as the ball has started rolling. Immediate concerns now are to not have the ball roll off the map. Which is why I have been thinking, (er) talking to myself so much lately. It's the kind of madness that feels good, ya feel me?

On a more dull note, I now have a Facebook. My initial impression of this service is that it is far more intuitive, powerful and grown-up than Myspace. Not that I am becoming a Myspace hater outright. It's just that when you have been around as long as I have and you have sampled as many social network sites in that time, you tend to recognize the cream that rises to the top more readily. Facebook has a lot more to offer the more mature user trying to meet new people or hook up with those who have similar interests. Also, it allows your "presence" to be much more formal, appealing to those who might use their Facebook in a more professional context.

One of the things I really appreciate is the RSS integration which is simple and in my opinion a much needed attribute for the modern blogger. Within Facebook I can syndicate my Blogger blog so I do not have to create redundant postings (a la Myspace) letting people know that my blog has updated, that I'm working on a new project, etc. This is super cool and helps speed things a long especially when I want two populations (my Blogger subscribers and Mycrackers) kept abreast of the same developments.

Facebook so far gets a solid -A and this grade will change upon further review and use of services.


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