Sunday, February 25, 2007

February has been a tough month...

Weather-wise it has been horrible and has left me searching for motivation (especially to post). I couldn't help but become a creature of very few habits; wake up, go to gym, back to crib, eat breakfast, go to work or run errands, back to apartment, go to gym, maybe go out to play some pool/listen to edm, back to crib, sleep, repeat. The same thing day after day with weekends providing the only break in the monotony.

Then of course we had that fine break in the weather, 40s, even 50s clocked in. I felt totally renewed. But this was short lived since last night we got dumped on with more snow! Shit. And the roads were horrible. I had worked security for a concert in town last night and all I could think about was how, as it started snowing just before show mind you, what the roads would be like once all ~800 peops hit the streets after the show. If you thought, "no good" you'd be right!

But then you catch an image like this one that sweeps the mental cob webs right out, brightens the eye, gets you thinking good thoughts again - overall a great addition to my day:

Yes, lady liberty! Whomp away, whomp away. Make that ass plenty raw and plenty red, so poor ol' Georgie lies on his tummy in bed!


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