Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Burning the midnight oil.

Well seeing as I am still having a touch of the old winter insomnia, I decided to put on a movie I was sure would put me into a semi-deep sleep: Ali G Indahouse. But I do feel ashamed to say that some parts were actually pretty funny. Although, this film pales in comparison to the Borat film. But that one shag is totally built, lord have mercy! I wanna get freeky with you, damn. "Respekt!"

I stumbled across this video of a designer who modified a Segway into a functional wheel chair. Digg never ceases to amaze what they find out there.

It definitely looks as though a person who is able to walk can handle the unloading and loadiung of the modified wheelchair, but what about the real users of wheelchairs? Hmmm. Another little something to make you scratch your head.


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Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Yay, I always have to chuckle at Ali G as well. I am amazed that Cohen can immerse himself in those personalities so thoroughly without breaking character. I'd be laughing every two seconds.