Friday, December 12, 2008

Great video article featuring a friend!

Thanks to CVO for turning me toward this video. Even though I am one of those "Warm Bodied" individuals it still reminds me not to let the elements get me down! ;-)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Religion truly has reached into every crevice of our daily lives.

Of course, we go through primary and secondary school learning all sorts of contradictions regarding religion and its place in our society. I am not attempting to bash religion. I am merely making the observation that religious themes have bled into many areas not blatantly concerning religion. I second the notion by believing that religion has very quietly crept into places most people (religious or not) probably never thought it would. We learn that the Church is separate from the State and so on, but is that a true statement. I think religion is right now very comfy in more institutions than we would like to admit to.

But first a quick side note. Moments of deep thought and reflection come to me at the oddest times. It's enough to make me spontaneously burst out in laughter or really bend my mind around something. Yet another example of how my head is wound differently than most, I guess.

For instance, I was watching the Geico commercial featuring Billy Jean King and one of the "cavemen" playing in a tennis match. I'm sure everyone is familiar with this one. Billy Jean and the caveman return to their chairs after finishing a set and the caveman says aloud, "I can believe I'm beating Billy Jean King!" She replies, "Beating me? You haven't even scored a point!" To which the caveman quickly responds, "Why don't you take a little gander at the scoreboard!?" Originally, the commercial then showed the score of the match as 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. The score actually appears like this:

6 6 6
0 0 0

As I was watching this commercial last night I realized that they changed it. Because when they cut to the view of the scoreboard it read:

6 6 5
0 0 0

Hmm? They changed the last "6" to a "5." Why on earth would they do that? It was weird until it finally came to me. Such a simple explanation that immediately made me chuckle but then started to concern me. They changed the score on the scoreboard because they didn't want it to read 666 because that is the duh-duh-duh-DUH NUMBER OF THE BEAST! Oh no, it's the Devil - look out! Scary shit, boy!

Seriously, folks. There was actually a call from who knows what religious group having a beef with the Geico commercial having the numbers 666 in it, that eventually lead to them changing the commercial? For crying out cornflakes, people! Stand up for yourselves. The commercial was fine the way it was. In no way did it make me think of anything having to do with 666 or the Devil until the commercial was changed. So basically, more attention has been drawn to it by the change rather than leaving it alone and keeping the numbers within the context of a tennis match. This is not rocket science here. Just the observation of an average Joe!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

And now for some local news...

Apparently, the citizens sleepy wilderness town of Valentine, NE can all breathe a sigh of relief as the notorious Valentine Nebraska "Butt Bandit" has finally been arrested! At 3:30am law enforcement caught the suspect in the act of applying his signature greasy imprint of buttocks and groin on a window of a local business in Valentine, NE. Since the early Spring of 2007, the Butt Bandit has left his mark on businesses all over Valentine baffling local law enforcement for some time. In addition, worries of copycat butt bandits have subsided as Valentine police believe the suspect arrested is the same man who was caught on a surveillance camera at the middle school last year.

Crazy shit! ;-)