Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Time for a little break!

As the Mended Meanderer approaches it's two year anniversary this month, and I myself approach the 4-year mark when I began blogging, I find it necessary to take a break from writing. I am developing a new project to take my into the next coming years and will be putting the finishing touches on it during this month.

Here in Nebraska, Indian Summer has finally approached and I will be using much of this month to unwind a bit, clear my mind, enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold and prepare my new project. There are also some work related events that will also need my attention and rightfully so. So in the meantime, this could be the end of an old thing and the beginning of something completely new.

Do stay tuned, but it will be safe to say that nothing new will happen until the end of this month. ;-)


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