Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The sequels you may or may not know about.

Summer (just around the corner, folks). The time for a sea of Summertime blockbusters causing us to bombard our national cinemas like lemmings. While there are many stand alone features I am anticipating, this Summer seems to be the "Summer of the Sequel." And as you'll soon find out this trend will continue for the next few Summers... yikes.

Big up to Den of Geek for compiling this list of 30 (holy shit) sequels either down the pipe or ready to hit us this Summer/Fall. Some are intriguing but others I was better off not knowing about.

Seriously, another I Am Legend??? Obviously, it was a hit this past Holiday season, but for what? My guess is not many people read the book or saw the far superior film adaptation The Omega Man starring the late Charlton Heston. To say I Am Legend was a reinterpretation is stretching things a bit, but (yes indeed) folks they're gonna continue the saga. Question: From which ending are they going to continue the story? Answer: Who gives a shit cause it's gonna suck!


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