Sunday, May 04, 2008

Strong's Bloody Mary

So I was struck by a creative nerve recently and decided to do some experimentation at work over the last two weeks or so. I tested a rather small sample size and so far have found positive feedback. I think the results are quite good now that I have been able to tweak my initial recipe notes (see above).

I'd like to present you a throw back if you will to the original Bloody Mary's as you may recognize by the use of gin as opposed to vodka. I give you Strong's Bloody Mary:

Strong's Bloody Mary (stirred)


2.0 oz Gin
1 can tomato juice
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Approx. 4 tbs. Olive brine
2 lime wedges
4 green olives (whole)
Tobasco sauce


Take a highball glass and fill it to approximately 3/4 full with ice. Add Gin, tomato juice, lime wedges and olives. Add fresh juice from half a lime (if you are using bottled or "sweetened" lime juice use slightly less OR a healthy splash). Add four (or more, according to customer request) of olive brine. Next, add six drops of tobasco sauce and finish with a healthy 2 shakes of salt. Stir contents well. Top off with ice and serve.

Notes: Even though the vodka varieties of the Bloody Mary are more popular, I decided to go old school and use gin as that was the spirit used when the drink was first invented. Another preparation will involve pickles (and the brine) but I need to iron that one out a bit more. I am also experimenting with a "shaken" preparation to the above recipe.


So there you have it. I also want to experiment with a recipe that takes advantage of pickle brine. And I love pickles! ;-)


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