Tuesday, February 26, 2008

UPDATE: Polar Plunge 2008 a huge success!

One has to give credit where credit is due and Mr. Sanders definitely brought flair and showmanship to the 2008 Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. Here we have a shot of some body paint worn by Mr. Sanders to promote his proud employer Kenexa. Sadly, it didn't hold up as well as some of the body paint used for advertising on the backs of prize fighters, but no matter. The plunge was on, baby. Mr. Sanders remained cool and crisp like a Vlasic pickle in that frigid lake brine!

Through the help of individual contributors (no corporate sell out, power to the people) Mr. Sanders has met his goal and then some of a $1000.00 dollars raised for Special Olympics athletes. Booyah! Special thanks to all those who gave to this great cause. Y'all rock faces completely off! ;-)

The elements were brisk to say the least although the sun did help somewhat, feeling warm on the back and arms. Although it did help that I was wearing a black jacket. One thing I didn't account for was the wind which picked up right as Mr. Sanders and I arrived at check-in. For this reason, I would have worn some gloves as well as made the final decision to bring my tripod for the video recording. Holding the camera for nearly an hour straight was a bit C-O-L-D but I really can't complain that much as Mr. Sanders was the one taking the drink. Yes, those are some thick slabs of ice - 14 inches worth!

I'm guessing each of the larger slabs of ice probably weigh in at 100+ lbs. Too bad we didn't have a kegger planned because we could have had access to plenty of ice. Just be sure to bring the ax, chop-chop! he-he

And as promised the video (parts 1 and 2) highlighting Mr. Sanders Polar Plunge. I do have additional footage of the other plungers that I will be processing shortly and will post. But for now, it's all about Mr. Sanders and his mission. Enjoy!


Wednesday February 27, 2008 Note: Audio codec used to mix video incorrect. Music soundtrack is not heard. Will fix and re-post video with proper audio codec shortly! Thanks...

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