Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Woah, what a buzzkill?

Ah, I'd love to be riding where this chap is for sure. It's damn cold right now although I told myself I would start to try to brave riding in the cold for the sake of fitness and the fact that I am really itching to ride more than I have been. Every bump and hit I try to take just seems more bone-rattling in the extreme cold. Don't get me wrong I have experienced cold weather, but when you dip below 20 degrees things are hard all around - especially the joints! Yikes! ;-)

Yea, I wouldn't want to try and true up that rim out on the trail. Forget the flat, that would be the least of my worries, especially if I were rolling tubeless. Hopefully the ground hog sees his shadow! We'll have to wait on that one. lol

Come on Spring! Please come fast cause I wanna huck around on my upgraded dually rig. I'm still in love with my Jamis and

didn't want to give up on her so I decided some suspension upgrades were necessary. I swapped out the Fox Float rear shock for the much burlier Vanilla coil-over since I have been bottoming out the Float. I have been getting braver over the years of riding AM/FR. Also, I swapped out the Manitou Black fork and had the Fox 32 TALAS R put in instead.

Along with the adjustable travel, the 32 TALAS is also plenty strong to handle a bit more of a beating. Plus, I love how I can adjust the geometry of the bike to suit climbs, flatland and descents. Other than the rear being stiffer I have noticed that the 32 TALAS is by default pretty plush. I'll probably adjust the PSI by about +10 and things should be evened out. I cannot wait to open her up when the weather gets a little warmer.


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