Friday, January 18, 2008

Interesting Afternoon Convo...

[15:19] me: Word up, gangsta!
[15:20] me: great seeing you last night - that's two for two and i'm liking it!
[15:21] DJblac: lol, this is DJ right?
[15:22] me: no Strong Island - screen names suck, yo ;-)
[15:23] DJblac: oh! rock on, cool you're on my buddylist now pal! yeah ive had some fun there lately, almost getting addicted to that bar ;D, oh man that spicey pizza hit me like in the middle of the night, oooo that turned my stomach to fire! ;D
[15:24] me: yeah, i had a bout of the fire shits the next morning! it's so good going in man! lol
[15:24] DJblac: lmao! yeah that was the bomb! im working on some music right now for next week, im going to playn a TON of original remix work, pretty much my whole set will be remix work ive done myself
[15:26] me: that's a good idea! one of the reasons i liked NIJ's stuff all this time cause he would do a lot of remixes. you're gonna rock thrusday!
[15:27] DJblac: yeah i miss having nij in this scene, im pretty syked about next week already :D
[15:27] me: has anyone contacted him lately? i know he's in traction from the wreck.
[15:30] DJblac: ive been in touch through myspace but only there
[15:31] me: hope he gets better and decides to stay in NE. So is Matt psyched about playing with you on thursday?
[15:33] DJblac: yeah im letting his borrow my needles so he can work on new stuff too
[15:35] me: Cool shit! I'm glad you guys got a long awaited knod to play. The night is gonna be slammin'! Be sure to canvas all your peops so it's live yo!
[15:42] DJblac: word, ill probley be bringin in my extra sound too, lol, im way hyped :D
[15:43] me: Tell Matt to get at all his peops so the place is packs out! You know i'll be there to regulate ;-)
[15:52] DJblac: wo0t wo0t ;D im going to cloverfield here @ 5, im syked bout that too, lol
[15:53] me: Ha, i'm going with some peops at 7:35pm - great minds think alike son!
[15:53] DJblac: lol, yes sir ;D
[15:55] me: Awesome! I gotta bounce. Catch you and the flipside gangsta! Peace
[15:56] DJblac: late!

That's about as real as it gets, suckas! ;-)

Booyahkahshah, respekt!


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