Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Church of the Poisoned Mind.

If I remember correctly, "Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky," was a quote from Charlemagne. Yeah, that dude would know a thing or two about conquering lands. But it seems at times I look at my immediate landscape and see it filled with fools. And there aren't enough seagulls in Nebraska to take dumps on them all sending them home and off the streets.

If you've ever had cable back in the day and you've experienced an outage, you see a screen with nothing but vibrant snow. Looking out into the landscape I see snow but its not snow it's all the fools fluttering around. They are all white and bouncing all over the place as thick as Strong Island mosquitoes in August. I struggle to find some peach colored individuals like me who may have a couple of pistons in their melons firing in sync. But it's hard to focus.

And I put on the jackass ears cause I screwed up. I recently misplaced an important notification about my car registration. It is currently expired and I found out that it was by receiving a parking ticket the day before last. Knowing that all I have to do is get it updated and I will not have to pay the ticket is totally cool. It's just that I felt like a jackass (twice) trying to hurry to a DMV that isn't open on Saturdays. Fuck. Fuck-ity-fuck-fuck. Things like this make me miss NY, but I cannot blame it on corn country for the mistake was mine! Oh well, now I will have a Monday date at the DMV. So exciting, right?

Meanwhile, I'm afraid to drive my car anywhere cause I do not want to get pulled over for an expired registration on top of the ticket I already hold. So tonight I stayed in, not that I was in the mood to go out but still, I would have liked the option to do so. Hopefully, tomorrow I can find a place close by my crib to watch the play-offs and get out of the crib. After taking a short nap cause the movie I was watching was such a masterpiece (insert rim shot here), I am feeling antsy. And it's 3am!!!

Since the weather reached the mid-40's today it felt like we were experiencing a Spring thaw. Hmm, maybe I should ride my bike? Will have to check the forecast...



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