Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jack Nicholson PLUS things that annoy me.

I subscribe to Men's Journal and I was particularly pleased with the latest addition to find my man Jack on the front cover.
In recent years Jack may have mellowed a bit, true. Reason I mention this is that you hear from him more and he is scene at more places other than nightclubs and court side at a Lakers' game. Give the guy credit. Not everybody gets to be such a definition of bad-ass in their lives. For that Jack has been blessed. In the early years of his career and fame Mr. Nicholson was known for rarely giving interviews of any kind. Of course, this added a lot to his very grand mystique.

He is probably one of only a few actors when seen on screen that we as an audience believe he is simply playing himself. Any role he has tackled has been such a complete immersion into character it's easy to assume that it's Jack playing it straight. In my opinion, the most notable and unforgettable roles for Nicholson (in which he has shined) demonstrating this unique ability were Randle Patrick McMurphy, Daryl Van Horne, Jack Torrance, Will Randall and Melvin Udall. For fans, I think these five characters represent what we would imagine most closely Jack to be like in real life. He is that convincing!

So I happily grab my copy and kick my feet up to eagerly start my read, since I have an hour or so to kill. I simply can't cut to the article straight away, though. I have to read any magazine cover to cover although not necessarily in one setting. So I see his mug on the cover and I think to myself that would make a nice keep sake, quite possibly even framed! (I dig cover art, vintage posters, etc.)But then my eyes fall to the delivery address label on lower right. Now I admit that nowadays the glue they use to attach these labels on is much more forgiving than the shit of old that would more than certainly tear and ruin a perfect cover. So I begin carefully easing the label off. Not quite a pull but more of a bending back of the label so that I can see the glue release and make sure nothing sticks. Well... fucking stuck! To the cover, glossy coat, my fingers, etc. Where the hell did they get this shitty glue? This is nothing like that crap they use to attach the sample fragrances in GQ. That shit you can pull right off and it remains in its original shape for crying out corn flakes!!! So obviously, I do not have a frame-able cover of Men's Journal featuring the "Mulholland Bad Boy." I guess a trip to Barnes & Noble may be in my future once I get back. I should be thankful I only have this problem at the moment! ;-)


(A Part 2 could be in the making... Stay tuned.)

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