Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Perhaps it's because I am going through a state...

...of not being verbose. Is this possible? I'll admit that I am working with a couple of individuals regarding training and personal fitness but that has never stopped me before from ranting on about all sorts of things. Perhaps I am going through a phase. But what phase is this?

Now that the Fall is in nearly full gear (despite some really irregularly warm days here and there) I think I am trying to get as much outdoorsy activity in as I can before the white stuff comes. I've heard all sorts of predictions on whether we will have a mild winter or a cold one. Either way, winters here usually involve some degree of snow. What I miss most during the winter is mountain biking. I know technically I could do it in the winter but it no longer is enjoyable. I do it cause it not only is healthy but it makes me feel good. I'll be the first to say that the cold really does a job on the joints - so I hang up the rigs for the winter and concentrate on lifting weights and playing indoor sports. This is definitely something I want to pick up on this winter in a bigger way than last year.

More and more people have been asking me to shed some light, give advice, etc. regarding fitness and some goals they have. I'm flattered they come to me and if I have any suggestions to help I always give them. I find I really enjoy helping people and educating them. (Go figure.) It's like I fulfill my longing to be in a classroom teaching without being in the classroom. I was always a lab person myself en lieu of a lecture person. Half of my learning occurred through doing not just sitting, listening and taking notes. Taking notes is good but for something like lifting weights, self-defense or other "active" endeavors I prefer to show and prove to people what exactly I'm talking about.

Recently, I have also found that, despite the effectiveness of demonstration, the written word still holds power. I have been using it lately a lot to motivate a few people to embark on their fitness goals. I'm no philosopher, but I guess I do have an opinion that is rather profound to some. Other might let their heads get big over this but I am humbled. It makes me think back to all the time I have invested in being an active person and my drive to remain active long into the twilight of my life. Obviously, certain life events have motivated me, some of the long-time readers from the Walking Wounded days will know what I am referring to, so I return to those experiences. They allow me to not only kick my own ass into gear at times but to keep my feet on the ground and centered. Despite all the "fad" shit that exists out there for people to drown themselves in, fitness for me has always been a rather straight forward, holistic endeavor.

So I'm writing possibly more than I have ever in my entire life but realize I can become exhausted at the notion of writing about myself (at least lately). I will have to remind myself that I need to give a little time to this old blog, lest it whither on the vine! ;-)


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