Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's been known that Asian folks are different than most.

But damn it, this tops it I think! I'm not sure what is more disturbing: knowing that people enjoy eating people OR the fact that there is a market for people wanting to reproduce the act in as gross a way as possible.

I mean, the thought of cannibalism is not appetizing in the least, really. But if you place it into the context of how you eat other beast that are butchered, like cows, deer or pigs; the act is a lot different than those crazy zombie movies.

But this is no different than laying a person on a table like a Thanksgiving Turkey while you, your friends and loved ones carve up the corpse.

To get the full scoop click here.

Just a side note: looking at these photos and the obvious act they represent, why on earth did they go to the trouble of blurring out the fake vagina on the main course? It just seems that in this particular case, the tamest part of the picture is the fake vagina - because it is indeed fake. To be honest, I think the blurriness in the photo only leads the eye to the dummy vagina. Weird shit.


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